Apartment in London

Massimiliano Dell’Olivo, Perspective Interior Stylist

Apartment in London 01

Living room


The apartment forms part of an elegant industrial brick building dating back to the late 19th-century, located in the Shoreditch district of London.


Apartment in London 02

Dining table


The original, rather disjointed layout saw the apartment composed of a kitchen, a living room, a double bedroom and two bathrooms, all served by a corridor with an adjoining utility room.
The renovation project is the result of a successful collaboration between the architectural firm and an Italian London-based interior designer.


Apartment in London 03



The functional necessity of obtaining a second bedroom was combined with the desire of the client to enjoy a large open-plan living area.
The architectural project has therefore redefined the spaces in order to give centrality to the living area, to which the various rooms are connected.


Apartment in London 04

Detail of the main room


The main theme of the project was the wide use of built-in cabinets flush with the wall so as to disappear inside the wall cavities.
Special attention has been paid to the main bathroom.
Having this last one direct access from the living room, it was decided to create a real “architectural threshold” able to accentuate the passage between the two rooms: once the door has been opened, two floor to ceiling storage compartments housing a washing machine and a linen closet restrict the access, emphasizing the need for, and solving the question of where to put, these utilitarian items.


Apartment in London 05

Main bedroom


One of the main goals of the project was to give a feeling of warmth and softness to the main entertaining space, the rest of the apartment essentially wrapping around the family and guests.
This has been realized starting with the honey-wood flooring that continues throughout the apartment with the exception of the bathrooms, and further enhanced by the light from the many full length windows in the property.


Apartment in London 06

Detail of the bathroom


Warm colours and the walls and ceilings’ dark tones combine to create a muted and serene atmosphere.
In deliberate contrast, the brilliant white interior doors and kitchen furniture create unexpected points of light.


Apartment in London 07

Main bathroom


The refined furniture mixes contemporary design with vintage features to give the area a modern, but at the same homely, feel.
The choice of fixtures, furnishings and art works adds to this marriage between yesterday and today, where the Murano glass creates discourse with London street art creating a “melting pot” with a domestic, and at the same time elegant, result.


Apartment in London 08

Main bathroom


Apartment in London 09

Living room


Apartment in London 10



Apartment in London 11



Apartment in London 12



Apartment in London 13

Living room

Apartment in London Before After

Before / After

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